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Some Uniques locations
A new player came to remind me that some uniques dont have their spawn point shown, ( i think there were some older posts with their locations but honestly i cant remember and i couldnt find them either so you're stuck with my paint edition versions :Biggrin

[Image: uniqs-bagh.png][Image: uniqs-desert.png][Image: uniq-alex.png][Image: Screenshot_3.png]

BendiS, KotyS, GebeleiziS, Magical Roc, Physical Roc - appear in Gods Area(teleport from Jangan, Donwhang, Hotan, Newbie Town)
Thief Boss Kalia - spawn it Kalia's Hideout (teleport from Baghdad middle teleport or Phantom desert south part)

some other uniques:
old soul 
young heart
in the distance
I can smell you fart


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