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30 people 30 reborn :)
I wait to open for 40 reborn Smile
i don't think it will open so soon...
I hope so.... to not :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
i hope yes so he can hold this system
He said here on Forum *That he's thinking about more than 30 Players*

I would say wait for others,
hmm but why photo it got not a beautyfull system people cant cry about it that others are to high rbs i love the system my opinion Biggrin
I wouldn't mind if he kept it at 30 for a little while longer. There will be rb requirements after 30 rbs anyways so maybe they should finish those first before upgrading the cap.
Hi, first I will check all 30 RB characters, also need to remove banned charnames from that list, so we could still need more players. After that we will decide when to open 40 cap and requirements.
why not 35 rb? Smile is and we can wait more ppl
ahhh admin already 36 people 30 rb common XD

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