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Item stack change suggestions
Hey admin .. now i have time to post you what i think it must be change...

So many items are to low from stacks... Pet pots,.... Vigor recovery

purtification pills....

and please edit the magic pop card (awaken card) that we can stack them too... it need many slots in storage Big Grin

So i hope you make many for your to do list
Write a full item name of items for stack, I'm not going to guess every item in game.
And about awaken cards if I stack them, you will lose all when play with npc.
I would he happy if you could change the "Vigor Recovery Grain (Small)" stack (now 50) regards Wink
I have changed topic name, to be more clear. So you can post here other suggestions and I will try to implement them.
The Recovery kit (x-large) would be more handy as well in a larger stack =]

Drug of typhoon as well if that is possible

Last one I figure would be more handy in larger stacks are the HGP recovery potion
Recorvery kit (x-large) now 50 please change

Purtification Pill (x-large) now 50 please change
Awaken Card = 50 stacks
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-*) = storageable
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-**) = storageable
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-***) = storageable
Dimension Hole (Shipwreck-****) = storageable

Maybe if u can make dimension hole stackable it would be great aswell, anyways i cant play with a page full of dimension holes lol so make them storageable Smile
Already write about awaken in 2nd post and don't know how Dim. Hole will work if they will stack because some items was done to be unstackable, but could work need to test =)
Drug of typon stack
Recorvery kit (x-large)
Guys please read all replays and do not double post same items.

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