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okay GM please watch now the real story :) [RESOLVED]
sorry i dont know how to put screenshot here so please go to this link to see the pic
what about that?
im lucky cuz i didn't close the mbot till now so this is the mbot chat Smile
another reason why you have to be ban
botter ^^
now u can see who start this Smile) and ty anyway ^^ im not that bad guy, and the other guy want to ban me cuz im better than him... is that fair?

yes i use bot its allowed if im not afk while im botting so please just want the GM answer Smile

Wait the GM answer**
stop insulting the players and saying noob
hah u scared from the real story? can u please wait the GM answer? ty..
ok bb I have better things to do
insulting me "gay" and "poor" and "idiot" in ur languag "idiota"
(05-14-2013, 22:38 PM)grelin Wrote:  another reason why you have to be ban
botter ^^

And now? I use a bot too to chat with it, to share pics and links etc... And its not forbidden to logg 3 chars, thats why I use a bot too...I also use a bot because pickpet options are way better..

I think the server is going into a totally wrong direction. I mean what is all this? It's just childish bullcrap (excuse my language) and you GMs are behaving like parents and all reporting players are just kids > "weh weh he stole my lollipop..."

Everyone makes mistakes, everyone sometimes has a bad day, thats life and humane. But players here don't even get the chance to take the responsibilites for their actions, because they are banned immediately and permanent. Everyone deserves a chance...
idiot is an insult? gay?,maybe you're no is my problem
but you're racist

no im not racist im tell u idiot not telling the latinan, Latinans people <3 <3 <3

marina u r the best <3

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