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Rates in the Server
Hi good afternoon ADMIN I see preocuped whith the new rates of this server, right the event are fast level up and gain more sp and gold but now its totally different the rates are very slow to gain more exp for example I put my sbot about 5 hours and only level up 5 levels its so boried because reborn are impossible whith this rates and at level 127 only the npc in newbie town gives the quest to jcoins.
View about this rates
About ExaySRO
GAME Cap: 130, Skills: 130

EXP: 999x, now its 150x or 130x
 GOLD: 75x, its equal
DROP: 50x, its equal

I play more silkroads and now its similar to old schooll
Thanks and see about this
EXP rates are still x999
so im a bit unsure what is your question
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About ExaySRO

GAME Cap: 130, Skills: 130

EXP: 999x, GOLD: 75x, DROP: 50x, FREE Silks 4 Vote, Winter Events, Reborn system, D14, Baghdad, Starter Pack