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For what the reborn system ?
Sry to disturb again but i dont really understand the point in implenting this reborn system. So as i heard from a player you can reborn your char ( lvl 130 ) like 150 times where your char is lvl 1 again and you get each 10+ stats to lvl your char again 130 and repeat it like 150 times ? why should i lvl my char 150 times to 130 ?
the same is with the silk and jc. 250k silk for a +41 stats. without donating i need 100 years to get this much
considering your first question

The reborn system is here to make your character stronger, the more reborn you do the better your damage will get.
with STR-INT points also come more MAG-PHY pwr + MAG-PHY def

you at lvl130 with 1 reborn max STR with 130k HP can never put a dent to a lvl130 150 reborns with 360k HP, thats why reborns are so important in this server

for silks, true that some of the silk prices may seem excessive, but again you have a lot of way to acquire silk, such has:

Vote in website
Sell items per silk
Buy Silk per JC ( and a reminder that you can get up to a really big amount of JC daily just by doing quests)
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?
Yes i understand that but the way to archieve it is a bit weird. Isnt there a possibility that you just add more stats from beginning ? That all the player can get the 360 k hp ? Because i dont really see the point in lvling 150 times to lvl 130 only to get this bonus stat. This could really be a dealbraker for some people.
this server started with the cap of reborns in 30 now after 6 years its normal that the reborn cap has been increased, I understand why you think the way you do, having to get lvl130 150x may sound like a pain, but once you start getting the taste and the hang of quick lvlup you will see you will find the experience most enjoyful
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?
It wouldnt be a problem if i can lvl up to 130 in maybe 2 hour with 0 gap but i just got 120 and did a party in phantom desert and got maybe 1 % for a pt mob. in compare with isro its still amazing because with the exp 0.00000001 % / mob its crazy but f you have to repeat it 150 times you can fast lose the interest Sad
My bro

The thing you should achieve is a perfect balance of lvlingup , hunting uniques , go to events, and upgrade your set i can garantee you in 2 months you will already be a decent player Biggrin

I get it that you're new and it may feel like everything wil ltake forever. but you need to stop comparing yourself to players who have played the server for years, or those who donate and get 150rb /+35 set / +45 weapon in the first week of playing Biggrin

Take it slow, nothing good ever came of rushing things
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