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Question about Silk
Hello !
im new here. i have a question about silk. i was in game and saw that the d14 +45 can only be purchased with silk and that cost 250k. i was a little bit confused because the only way to get it is through donate, vote for silk, or exchange JC coins for silk. but i dont think it is possible to get this amount of silk through vote. with the JC i saw you need about 12 or 15 for 100 silks ( dont know exactly ). is there another "free" way to get this amount of silk ?
Your statement is false

You can get +45 trough alchemy as well

But if your questions is how to get more silk without having to donate then, you can buy silk per gold or exchange items per silk as well

you can also vote during event rates as the votes are influenced by it as well
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