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I tried My bow to +40 from +34 and fail in +39 :'''(
                                    Well guys i go to leave off the game i think....i lost My preciated weapon.....i was so close  :'(  please some one can help me to recuperate me ?  :'(  i had my bow 5 years ago and never failed  :'( some 1 can help me ? im not have silks no paypal for buy another one  :'(   im poor  :'(   aaaa  help me please guys u dont have another bow +35 ++  for trade? i give all that i have   includind a glaive 13dg +27
Well.. u don't need to leave the game just for fail fail +39 to +40, everyone work all time for get +40+45 and is hard to get one, but u can still playing for 1 +40+45 if u try, i know about that, bcs a lot of people know that i fail my wep from +35 to +36 / +41 to +42 / +44 to +45 / after faill all time and leave the server a lot of times finally i get my wep from +34 to +45, its not easy.. but where is the fun if we never fail.
Altough I know how enraging it is to fail in alchemy with your main weapon, what i can tell you is take it easy.

take a break and come back when you feel prepared again Smile
there exist countless ways to + your items nowadays: increased rates, scrolls.
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?

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