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So-Ok Rewards & more Reborns
Hello ExaySRO,

So-Ok has been enabled for this Sunday, you can exchange your letters for rewards ONLY today.
Tomorrow ~12:00 server time So-Ok will be disabled and letters will start to drop again.
Next week Saturday and Sunday will be days for rewards.

Common Reward List:
* Globals
* Repair Hammers
* Skill edit potions
* Abs / Dmg 30%
* Berserker Potions
* HP & MP 10k Potions
* Evasion / Accuracy / Speed Scrools
* STR/INT Scrools
* Exay Coins
* Reverse Scrolls
* Resurrection Scrolls

Rare Reward List:
* +30 Weapon/Shield Scrolls

Reborns cap has been increased to 110
After 100 +1 players reach 110 Reborns, we will increase max reborns to 120.
And so on until 150. At 150 reborns to unlock next cap will be required 250 Players.
Admin email: Only this one is real.
Any new Letter event dear Admin? I used to remember long time ago I was playing good deal of things from EXAY letter well We are looking forward to seeing it again
Letter Events are currently disabled until future notice do to massive Lags that come with it.
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?
I understand now, thanks a lot GM

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