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Unfair ban!
Good evening, gentlemen of Exay. They are informing me that they banned the ip to Venezuelans because of a person who failed alchemy. It seems unfair and absurd for me to take that action because of one person. The most logical thing is to give the person who is missing the mistake, not everyone. Some of us Venezuelans have fun playing the server of Exay because it is very funny unlike others. so please have a little consideration. I'm waiting for an answer in this way. Note that I am not a spokesperson or speak for everyone, is my point of view and I would like to be taken in consideration. Thank you very much and greetings!
* - In case we get multiple scammer reports, rules violation, and thier IPs are from same city/area, we might consider banning the entire area in order to prevent future attempts. Even country bans could be applied, if country ban is set, we do not allow any player from that location! \\

This is what happened, it wasn't just this player and jt wasn't just today, this happened several times with many players from that area, if you have a clean record in exay you don't have to worry all that much, because for players who follow rules there has never been any ban. All you will have to do is be patient while situation gets sorted out
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