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Party buffs on events area to get advantage over other players!
Your ingame Name: WidowMaker
Name of reported Player: _5arapa_ & 5arapa_2011 & 5arapa_2012
Visual Proof: Screenshots have been included in a post.
Describe the Situation: player  _5arapa brakes rules - "Using more than 1 client(from the same ip) in one place (where you can get any kind of advantage over other players)" Using his bard (5arapa_2011) & and another one bard (5arapa_2012) he spells dance of wizardry which gives his party 50% magical attack, it's not fair to other players, because this buff gives noticeable damage for _5arapa academy.

Didn't find any point about rules, for example, if these bards have been launched from your friend computer in event area (with a buff dance of wizardry or other buffs), does this still is a rule break?

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It's allowed for this kind of bot use.
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