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mBot & Setup Guide.
Cause of some technical issues we got some problems with our version of mBot. So, please download other version from HERE and follow guide how to install it.  For setting up your bot u can use guide from this thread.

Hello all. So, this is short guide how to donwload, install and setup mBot for our server.

Pay attention, we will not provide any help with this Bot outside this topic, we will not aswer in game about it or other topic in forum, do not send emails with question about Bot

All question you have ask ONLY in this topic.

1) You need to download mBot package here - mBot Download

      We advise you to do the following steps first:
  •       Allow access to mBot and mBot's folders through your: Antvirus, Firewall, and Router.
2) Create a new folder on your Desktop, and name it: "mBot" (or as you wish)
        If you want to use more than 1 account, better make subfolders in this folder and name them (for example) like Char1, char2, char3,              etc...
        After you have created the subfolders you will need to extract into that folder.
        Be sure that u have all these files :    
        Once the files have been extracted right click squirellBotLoader.exe and "Run as an administrator"

During loading of the bot you will be prompted to select your Silkroad folder.
Now that mBot has loaded you will notice there are multiple "Tabs" at the top.
These are the mBot navigation tabs for configuring mBot.

So, you should currently be on the "Client/Login" Tab.
At the top left you will see your Login and Password fields (Red square on the screen). They should be clean. Be sure to check the box that says, "Save login details and autologin on startup. (This will save you time.)
After you have completed that task click "Login.". If login successful the "Status:" should say, "Succesfully logged in".(under Save login details box...)

Save settings and Press Start Client button to login the game.

Automatic (Re-) Login section (Blue square on the screen)

Be sure to check the box that says "Activate Automatic Relogin"
  • Enter your Account's name at User field and Account's password at Password field.
  • After login needed char, press "Get Current" on the Character to login field and you wil see your char's name at the empty field.
  • Wait "?" minutes before relogin setting how many time bot should wait before login your char. Don't check it if you want to login your char immediatelly.
  • Hide client after relogin - hiding your client after automatic relogin.
  • Start Training after relogin - make your bot to automatically start training.
  • Enter Image Code - 1 in our server.

Stat Box (green square)
The information located on the far right are additional stats to show how much Exp and Sp that you've gained in the amount of time that you have been logged on the bot.

If you will get troubles with language in client, like on next screen -

Close your bot. Then open yout bot's folder and find config.ini file (it will created only in case if you already pressed Save Settings button)
Open Config.ini with any text redactor (Notepad, etc) and u willl see next parameters :

Change Lang parameter from 0 to 9 and  close it with confirmation to save changes.
After t you can start your bot again.

Admin Email -
Protection tab


Player Healing :
  • HP= Health potion setting must set a % integer Example:"70%" for the bot to automatically heal.
  • MP= Mana potion setting must set a % integer Example:"45%" for the bot to automatically recycle endurance so that it can be ready to cast the next skill.
  • Vigor= Health and Mana potion these heal 25% of both Hp and MP. Must set a % integer Example:"25%" for the bot to automatically use. This function is great for European character since they have a 15 second potion delay the Vigor has only a 3 second potion delay.
  • Use skill when HP%= Is an option for Clerics/Force characters to self heal themselves instead of using HP potions.
  • Use skill when MP%= Is an option for Bard Characters to regen mana instead of using MP potions.
  • Universal Pill= Automatically removes Elemental status effects.
  • Purification Pill= Automatically removes Disease / Curst effects
  • Super pill removes all negative effects
Pet Healing

  • Heal fightpet when HP% <
    Use HP recovery kits for your attack pet / fellow. Must set an integer value Example:"50".
  • Use HGP Potion when HGP% <
    This function feeds your Attack pet. Must set an integer value Example:"50" for the bot to feed so that it doesn't die.
    It is always best to set it above 20% any less the damage of the attack pet will be reduced.
  • Horse HP
    se HP recovery kits for your Ride Transport and Merchant Transport. Must set an integer Example:"70" so that the horse doesn't die along the way.
  • Use abnormal state recovery potion
    Cures disease status from your attack and ride pets.
  • Defend Pet
    Attacks the mob that attacks your pet to prevent your pet from dying.
  • Revive and respawn fellow / attack pet
    Uses grass of life resurrection item to revive your pet and will summon it afterwards.
    The bot will continously try to revive your pet, even when auto training is not enabled.
    Only the first fellow or attack pet in your inventory will be consired for resurrection.
  • Only revive if there is pet heal in inventory
    Will not revive your fellow / attack pet if no HP recovery kit is found in your inventory.
Back to Town Settings

  • It is very important that you set this up properly otherwise when you die if you don't return to town you'll waste a bunch of time leveling up.
  • Be sure to set the Hp/Mp pots at a decent number so that they will return to town when they are low. 15-20 should be adequate enough.
  • Also, note that the Equipment broken feature works like so. "0" being the first piece broken it'll return to town, "6+" being all piece of equipment are broken before it'll return to town.

Party Tab


Party Setting (Red square on the s/s)

  • Selecting the type of party through the drop down box.
    : FFA / FFA = Exp Distribution / Item Distribution
    : Share / FFA = Exp Share / Item Distribution
    : FFA / Share = Exp Distribution / Item Share
    : Share / Share = Exp Share / Item Share

  • Accept PT= Auto accepts party invites from other users.
  • Invite PT= Auto invites the players around you to the party.
  • Defend Party Member: Attacks any mob that attacks a member in your party. (This allows you to lure the mob towards you the defender in order to protect lower levels.)
  • Accept only at trainplace helps you to make sure that after a disconnect there won't build up two seperate parties.
    When using this option, mBot will only accept a party invite if all other conditions ("only from list", "pt type", ...) that you selected are met AND your character is inside
    You can also use "Leave PT if leader is not ..." to be even more safe.
  • Leave the party if "xxxxx" isn't the party leader.
Party Buffing Player list. (blue square on the s/s)
  • Allows you to add certain players that are in the party to the buff list, and cast buffs on them, or resurrect.
  • Also, allows you to control the party while in hidden/(Rsro)clientless mode. (New feature to Kick certain players.)
Players Buffing Setup (green square on the s/s)

Use Player Buffing
  • This feature enables Player Buffing
  • You can buff any player even if he is not in your party
Chars to buff list
  • This box selects a specific users to buff. You have to type the "Users Name" in the drop down box and press the Plus sign(+) to add them to the buff list. To remove a user from the list click the users name and press the Minus sign(-)
Buff for Characters
  • This feature auto invites only specific users you wish to either: Invite, or Join a party with. To use this function in the bot you have to type the "Users Name" in the drop down box and press the Plus sign(+). To remove a user from the list click the users name and press the Minus sign(-)
My Skills list
  • This box selects which buffs to cast on the characters in your party. To use the buffs you must press the "Refresh Skills list" in the "My skills" box. Then you will need to select each character inside your "Chars to buff" list and add the skills you desire to each character individually.

Admin Email -
Loop Tab


Shopping (Red square on the s/s)
  • Shopping Shopping box is pretty obvious.
  • If you do not select any items to buy, the bot will skip shopping and directly start walkback to trainplace.
  • You select to add what and how many items you wish to obtain.
WalkBack Extra (Blue square on the s/s)
  • Additional walkback Extras:
  • The first box is your skill list. You will need to click the button that says, "Refresh Skills" in order to see the list.
  • The second box is where you add and get rid of skills. This box is for in town and walkback only.
  • in order for the character to cast the buffs in town make sure you have both boxes that say, "Use buffs on walkback" and "Use buffs in town."
  • Ride Horse to training Place
  • Use speed drug from the Grocery Trader.
  • Use reverse return scroll after shopping (Teleport place last recall, or last place you died.)

Area Tab
  • WalkScript:This box is for choosing a walkback script so that your character returns to the training area. I will release a more detailed guide on the walkback function later.
  • Get Position: Chooses your current location as your training place
  • X: & Y: These coordinates can be obtained by looking at the mini compass in game located at the top right.
  • Range Training: is the radius/distance your character will move around in at your training area.
  • Range Buff+Ress: is the radius/distance your character will move around to cast buffs and resurrects within the training area, or beyond.

Auto Lure
  • Auto Lure: Lures mobs to the party for faster kills, and more Exp/Sp.
  • Details:
    When recording a script for autoluring in mBot every click on the floor will be saved as one coordinate in your future lurescript.

    You can manually add "wait"-commands to your luringscripts to make mBot wait the specified amount of milliseconds.
    For example this line will make PBMC wait for five seconds. During this time mBot will regularly check if it needs to recast buffs for party members and in case will do so.

  • Currently only skills that do not require a target to be selected can be used with lurescripts.

    To prevent damage to your account i advise you not to insert anything manually into the lurescript except from the "wait" command.

    If you want to use autoluring make sure you do you do not have centerwalk activated.

    Note: Lurescripts from PBMC can still be used with mBot.

Admin Email -
Fight Tab


Skill Setup (Black square on the s/s)
  • The 1st box located on the left is your skill list. Here you will need to click the button that says, "Refresh Skills" in order to see the list.
  • In the Bufflist you will add/remove all the buff you wish for your character to cast. (*Note that if your a European character Example: "Wizard/Cleric" you can add the cleric skill Recovery division etc... The bot will automatically switch weapons casting that spell then it will switch back to your main attack weapon.
  • In the Attacklist you will add/remove your attack skills.
Specific Mob Settings: (red square on the s/s)
Info: How to setup the skills for specific mobs.

Berserk Settings (blue square on s/s)
  • This gives you a list of specific mob-types telling the bot when to use your berserk.
  • Select Yes, or No
Attack Options (green square on s/s)
  • Imbue selection for Chinese Characters.
  • Accept Resurrect
  • Ignore traps in Jangan cave to avoid dying from the elite-monsters that can spawn if you kill the traps
  • Buff during attack allows your character to recast a buff in the middle of an attack if the buffs finishes right then.
  • Do not attack monsters (This is for buffers/ressers, or newbies being plvld.)
  • Ignore Dimension Pillars: To prevent low level chars from dying because a bunch of mobs spawn from these
  • Rebuff all buffs when one buff is finished
    Use this to make sure mBot doesnt switch twice if two skills that require weaponswitch end shorty after each other.
    This helps very much for example if you need to rebuff "Recovery Division" and "Holy Spell"
  • Equip shield when wearing 1-handed weapon will equip a shield as soon as mBot detects that your character is weilding a 1-handed weapon.
    You will find this particularly helpful if you are fighting as a warlock for example and need to rebuff bard-skills with harp. After switching back to your warlock rod mBot will then also reequip your shield.
    When looking for a shield to equip, mBot will search the inventory from the top left, to the bottom right and will equip the first shield that your character can hold.

Item Tab


Item List (Red, blue and black squares on the s/s)
  • The box on the left is the Itemlist here you will be able to view all items within the game.
    (*Note: All items, that do not have a proper translation, will have a name starting with "ITEM_")
  • The "Filter helps you navigate through the Itemlist to target the items you wish to find a lot faster.
  • The list in the bottom half of the window will show the items matching your search.
    Here you can change the settings for each item individually.
    You can also select many items at once and change the settings for them in one rush.
  • Right click the selected items to choose your Items settings then click Apply Settings.
    A. Pickup
    B. Pet Pickup
    C. Sell
    D. Store
    E. Move from pet to inventory (only at blacksmith and storage)
    F. Drop to floor

  • NOTES:
  • By default the bot cannot sell SOX or Item Mall Items which is a security feature.
    To disable this protection you have to select "Allow sell / unpick of sealed items", save your settings and restart mBot.
  • To collect Tokens search the word "token" and you will see the three types of token money at the very top of the list.
  • Shortcut to select all items: Click the first item on the list. Then press and hold Shift key and scroll down to the last item and Left Mouse Click.
  • To individually unselect items once you have selected all items all you have to do is press and hold CTRL + Left Mouse Click.

Pickup Settings (green square on the s/s)
Please note, that you will still need to set up each individual item's settings in the "Itemlist" as shown above.

Character Pickup Settings
  • (Always) pickup Items with own character
  • Pick with character when pet is full.
    You don't have to have the first option enabled for your char to pick items as soon as your pet gets full.
    If no pickpet is summoned this will be treated as if the pet is full.
  • Pick only inside range.
    Items outside of your training range will not be picked up by your character.
    This option has no effect on your pickpet.
  • Pickup gold with own character.
    Your char will also pickup gold; needs to have "pick items with char" or "pick items with char when pet full" enabled to work.
  • Pick other players drops.
    Picks drops left by other players.
  • Pick items with pet.
  • Pick gold with pet
  • Put items in storage
    Master on / off switch to allow the bot to put items into storage.
  • Do not sell blue or plused items
    The bot will not sell any plused or blue items even if they are set to be sold.
  • Delay before pick X ms
    Use this if your character attacks a new monster already before picking up the items from the last one.
Additional Item setup
How to setup the bot to pickup with loot pet only until pet inventory is full.
  • Select the items you want the loot pet to pickup.
  • Right Mouse Click
  • Select the following options A, B, D, E unless you wish to sell the item then it's A, B, C, E
  • Apply Settings
  • Still under the Items Tab under settings on the top right sub box select the following:
    Pick with character when pet is full
    Pick items with pet
    Pick gold with pet
    Allow move items from pet to inventory
    Put items into storage
  • Save Settings on the bot located on the bottom right mBotUI

Admin Email -
Extra Tab


Monster Priority (Red Square on the s/s)
This function allows you to choose which monster to select first. To change the order of the mobs check the box where it shows the mob name choose one of the following options (No Preference, Avoid, or rate it on a scale of 1-9) 9 being top priority.
Then the bot will attack the "Preferred" mob before any other mobs until it is dead.
This feature is really great when farming in the Ong habitat.

Security Settings (blue square on the s/s)
  • "Disconnect when GM spawns near player" Will automatically disconnect you when a GM is within 30 meters of your character.
  • "Disconnect when receive PM from GM" This function will automatically disconnect you when a GM send you a message asking if your there.
  • "Disconnect when in Pink status" This disconnects you before you go murderer if someone uses a glitch on you to make you go aggressive.
  • "Disconnect when in Murder status" This disconnects you to prevent from dropping items when in murder status.
  • mBot is not responsible for any loss of items if you fail to check these options!
Autoquest (green square on the s/s)
  • Autoquest: More info here: [url=][/url]
  • "Fetch" Button will insert all quests which are currently active on your character into the "Select quests" list
Misc. (black square on the s/s)
  • This feature stops the exp/sp ticket pause.
  • Alternative Attacking (AntiTrace mobs)
  • Walk back to center point of your training area.
  • Trace: Auto traces a specific character. (Great for plvling at penons.)(Only works when bot started)
  • Use invisible/stealth detection: Lets you see ppl in this status..
  • Accept Resurrect: Optional: Only from current party members.
  • Use 'Danger Mode' will make the bot use that one instead of 'Safe Mode' in the new jobquests
Autolevel Mastery(yellow square on the s/s)
  • Autoleveling skill mastery.
  • The gap which the bot will keep for the selected mastery

Spy Tab


Your Inventory (Red square on the s/s)
  • The Inventory box list all of the things that are currently in your possession.
  • Guild Storage
  • Inventory
  • Pet
  • Storage
Select one inventory from the dropdownlist and then press "Refresh".
All data that mBot currently has available for this inventory will be shown in the list below.

The contents of your storage or guild storage can only be shown if you or the bot opened it at least once since the bot was started.

Spy Feature (blue square on the s/s)
  • The Spy feature shows all the things that another player has equipped. It also shows a Mobs health.
  • Player
  • Monster
  • Pet
  • Items
To use it, select all types of objects you want to see first.
Then press the "Refresh" button and open the dropdown box afterwards.
There you will find all scanned objects around and can select one, whose details will then be shown in the editbox below.

Chat Tab


Chat log (red square on the s/s)
This Tab allows you to view all chat logs when in hidden mode, and you can view all previous chats if you happen to get a disconnect and the bot auto relogs.
This feature is also helpful by translating all the GMs messages simply select the chat log press Ctrl+C open a translator in the translator box press Ctrl+V and you can see what the GM/Notices say. This is an excellent way to participate w/ ingame events.

Chat Block (blue square on the s/s)
  • You can (un)block specific characters from your chat
  • Enter a new and press "Block"
  • Select a name from the list and press "Unblock"
Chat Settings (green square on the s/s)
  • Enable Chat Block
    This needs to be checked for any chat block features to work.
  • Use colored text in Chat Log
  • Autoblock goldspam
    This will block all messages that contain known phrases, that are used by goldspammers.
    Blacklisted expressions can be seen inside "chatBlock.txt" file.
    If you want to add new blacklisted expressions you can do so while mBot is closed by editing the file.

Admin Email -
Notifications Tab


General Sounds (Red square on the s/s)
The General Sounds allow you to select a sound format to notify you when one of the following events happen:
: Disconnected
: Received PM
: Unique Spawned
: Other Player Attacked You
: Unique in Range

Unique sounds (blue square on the s/s)
The Unique Sounds allow you to select a sound format to notify you when one of the Unique Spawns

Log Tab


mBot Log - This Tab is to Log and Manage any Errors that you may experience while using this product. If you happen to have an error in the log copy the Error from the log and post it in the forums for a staff member to view the problem and attempt to correct the issue.

Log Options: Here you can setup the bot to log every detail of everything that goes on. (red square on the s/s)
  • Item Drops
  • Exp/SP
  • Players who attack you
  • Alchemy
  • Weapon Switch

Admin Email -
This still isn't working for me, I still get the not logged in message and when I press log in it says that an error has occured -_-
Make screens of main page of bot and last_botserver.txt (bot's folder) and post here .

Admin Email -
How to configure your mBot to pick up Event Letters

Thx ToUgHT for video.

Admin Email -
What if my pat not picking up items,everything is on

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