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Screen Shot PvP Event!
Hello ExaySRO!!!

Today a new Screenshot Event has been started.
The Event will start from today (26.01.2015) till 20.02.2015
Post your best ORIGINAL* Player vs Player Screenshot below my thread!

How to do:
You only have to push that "New Reply" Button at the top on the right side, add your Screenshot as an "Attached File".

Be aware!!!
Edited pictures are not allowed to practice in this Event.
Multiple registration is not allowed.
Player vs Monster is not allowed.

With some luck you can get this rewards!

1: 20x Immortal Stones Deggre 14
2: 10x Immortal Stones Deggre 14
3: 20x 400% Moving Speed Scroll
4: 20x Job Coins (JC)
5: 5x Immortal Stones Deggre 14
6: 10x 400% Moving Speed Scroll
7: 10x Job Coins (JC)
8: 3x Immortal Deggre 14
9: 5x 400% Moving Speed Scroll
10: 5x Job Coin (JC)

If you are lower then the 10th rank, you´ll get a consolation prize.

Consolation Prize: 1x Job Coins
So no one will go broke in this Event.
If you have any questions about the Event, please contact me ingame
or sent me an Message.

I will repeat the Event period, in order to avoid misunderstandings.

26.01.2015 ~ 20.02.2015

Good luck at all and have fun!

Event hosted by [EM]Rekcuz™
So , we must show a Screen with much DMG or did i missunderstand it ? ^^
Here We Go! With the first screen uploaded! For me it's very beautiful! i hope u will enjoy!
Title WhoCanStopHim?

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Missunderstood Wink
Does not depending on Damage, only need to upload a nice Picture Wink
Okay thanks , i ll try my best Smile
IDontKnow Summon Demons On Thich. Hail Satan

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Thief vs Hunter

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Thumbs Up 
I title this picture "Death Cam"Shout[Image: NcGR5xh]
Wheres my 20 immos?

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