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X-MAS Event at ExaySRO start 20 December
[Image: ArRlzqo.jpg]

Hello my friends and Ho! Ho! Sro!!!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!
May Roc have mercy on your soul in 2014

Christmas Event has been started!

Another updates in this client patch:
* Removed event letters from your screen (no more XMAS on centre of your monitor)
* Fixed So-OK text for current events (and future one)
* Removed Thunder sound that play even with sound off
* Changed teleport point in Shop area (to not spawn under teleport stone)
* Removed unused NPC in shop area
* Fixed some disconnect issue from skill effects
* Fixed more wrong/misspelled text (if you find other report)
* Capture the Flag (CTF) is enabled for few days, you can get now coins to buy Soketing stones from NPC in Alexandria. Other fixes I don't remember now.

Other things for this holidays:
Until 15 January 2014 we will have 2x bonuses
Right now: 2x for Vote and Donate!
from 22 December 2x for Exp, Gold and Drop!

Before New year we will have another Snowflakes event at So-OK, more info next days =)

So-OK have collected many items for this event Dance
from regular gifts like:
  • Global chat
    Skill edit potions
    Arena Coins
    Return Scroll
    LC coins
    JC coins
    Resurrection 100%

to more valuable rewards like:
  • Gender switch tool
    MP +10.000
    HP +10.000
    Hit ratio scroll 100%
    Evasion scroll 100%

and rare items like:
  • Speed 400%
    Abs / Dmg 30% scrolls
    Berserk refill potions

and also for luckiest players she have unique rewards:
  • Uruchi Growth Pet
    Spider-man Ability Pet
    Roc mob summon scroll

P.S. There may be something wrong, maybe new bugs (at least I didn't have any during tests, but I was alone on server) but I would like to ask you nicely.. not to act like complete idiot and rage in game, will be instant Christmas magic BAN, do not use any bug you find, report it to me here in forum PM or
Let's play fair, you know, I will never argue with you, I will just instant ban your character. Hope we understand each other and will not break the magic of Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas darlings! Happy gaming Gamer
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
Here are few screenshots about pet and drops

Growth pet Uruchi
Spoiler :
[Image: zrTQnax.jpg]

Ability pet Spider-man
Spoiler :
[Image: lvEbTR4.jpg]

Drops from 100 letters, there are more then 100 gifts because sometimes system give 2 rewards(rarely)
Spoiler :
[Image: UEcx2qN.jpg]
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
Damn thats good Biggrin very nice gm Smile good job Blum2
This have the same droprate like H A P P ?

Cant wait for it xD
good job gm, when is the inspection for it? 2morow?
Very nice, GM!! I can't wait to get started on this event!!
(12-18-2013, 09:19 AM)xpree Wrote:  This have the same droprate like H A P P ?

Cant wait for it xD

Yes drop rate is same like for H,A,P,P [Y]
only letters change Smile
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
Who made this picture?
I like it (especially the part with the teddy bear Biggrin)
FearlessOne a WoW fan made it Wink but I like it so much haha
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
hey GM. there is still 1 point i would like to see. could you please set some notes on the mainpage, for all player to read, where you show when and where these mobs spawn. the mobs i asked you about ingame, where u promised they will come. i have never seen this mobs but i heared about them from players, talking about the very beginning of this private server. they shall have given some good experience to the players to reach nearly lvl 130 instant by only attacking them as much as possible. don´t know about what kind of monsters they where talking about but you saied they will spawn.
at least only 1 point anymore:
i like the way you are active in- and outgame and taking care about players. this make me, and i think most of us all, feeling very well. especially the ingame events like unique spawns and in- and outgame help are showing a shiny way to handle with players.
continue like that Good
P.S. srry ´bout my bad english Wink

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