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Pvp Event 202+ 1½
Hello Exay.

   On Sunday, 05-09-2021, after Fortress War, I will make a PVP event. 

To participate you should leave here post with Next info :
  • Char name

  • Your Build (Blader, Warrior/Cleric, Hybrid (to be considered Hybrid you need to have -350k hp, anything higher than that is to be called full str), Str, etc...)

  • Your Weapon/Shield ++

  • Your set and type ++

IMPORTANT :You will not able to change info about your Weapons/set/build after posting here.

Rewards will be :
  • 1st place - 15.000 Fire Crystal + Fireworks + PVP King Title 

  • 2nd place- 10.000 Fire Crystal 

  • 3rd place - 7.000 Fire Crystal

This Thread is for REGISTRATION only. Dont post here any other info. For all questions you can pm me ingame or leave pm here in forumdiscord or telegram . All other posts will be ignored and deleted. 

Tournament bracket will be randomly generated on the day of the event


Zerk is Forbidden
PvP bugs such has exhange is forbidden
Multi-chars, outside buffs forbidden
Overall flaming grieving should be avoidable
Scrolls of any kind except speed are forbidden
For CHN chars if your char is identifiable as full STR you will not be allowed to use Snow shield or Castle Shield
For Euro Chars warriors wont be allowed to use skins or bless spell (only if to tank the fear status and before you do any damaging skill must remove it)
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?


2h d15 +20/ shield d15 +20

HA d14 +35 set

Hybrid Blade/Shield

Fire, Force, Bicheon, Cold

D15 Sword/ D15 Shield

Armor Set D14 +35

Warrior / Cleric

2Hand D15 +20 /Axe D15 +20 / shield D14 +50

HA D14 +35 set/acc
daggers & shield 15dg+20 Xbow & Clerick 14 dg +50
LA 14 DG +35 set/accs

Hybrid Schwert/Schild

Feuer, Bicheon, Kälte, Kraft

D15 Schwert/ D15 Schild

Set Rüstung D14 +35
Hybrid sword 15+20/shield 15+20
Protector set +35
Char name : Staffy
Build:Full STR Cleric / Warrior
Weapon: 2h Sword 15D+20 (secondary weps : 1h sword, axes and cleric also 15D +20)
Shield : 15D +20
Set : Heavy Armor 14D +35
Acc: 14D +35
[Image: image-2021-09-05-200126.png]
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?
[Image: image-2021-09-05-213206.png]
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?

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