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                                                          [Image: mini_210407095148610314.png]

From Gouvernor Palace Security Office: PP1XX1

Dear friends, this is a serious time !! We have received a document which was sent to us by the Exay Sro Secret Services.

The governor of Alexandria was the victim of an assassination attempt !  Here are the images of the surveillance camera of the Governor's Palace,

[Image: mini_21040709552444708.jpg]                [Image: mini_210407095521977593.jpg]

Our sources tell us that he managed to steal the secret code from Gouvernor !!
If this code arrives at the hands of the enemy, we're screwed !!

[Image: mini_210407095528414599.jpg]                [Image: mini_210407095530176459.jpg]    

Fortunately our door cameras were able to get better images. here they are.

It appears that he takes the roads with a strange mount.

Find him and kill him before he leaks the information to the enemy.

Our information tells us that sometimes he appears on the roads of the EXAY World !,
When his passage is spotted, we will announce with a message (notice) Find him and kill him quickly !!

[Image: mini_210407100242160927.png]              [b][Image: mini_210407095148610314.png][/b]

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