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Super Detective Hunt !
Hello dear budding Detectives !  Today we open new event !  
Rewards its 1 rare pet for winners.
[Image: mini_210406081809250273.png]     Good luck !!
Rules:  During my travels, I hid 10 Haroeris treasures so no one could find them. To remind myself I took notes in my travel card.
Unfortunately I lost my notebook and you found it!

Find and take a selfie with the treasure and you will win!     Only 1 target per player !
Day 1: [i]WAS FOUND ( closed)I started my journey in this desert at the temple which smells of water. then I walked EAST and on the road I saw a maze. no choice but to cross it. What a great place to hide my first treasure.[/i] I even cover it with a spider web like that for sure!
Day 2:[b]WAS FOUND ( closed)[/b]As I did not manage to cross the maze, I turned around and went back to this ghostly place. I found a lot of adventurers on my route. and villages with roofs filled with metal peaks.   So this is it !! this house is perfect to hide my treasure just behind, out of sight of passers-by!
Day 3:  WAS FOUND ( closed)   Today the wind dropped me on a strangest beach ... I met giant crabs but also snakes ... very dangerous. I like the place to hide my treasure. I'm going to put it in the far corners of this strange beach! Behind these giant rocks
Day 4:   [i]WAS FOUND ( closed)  Today I arrived in an very big garden, only gods could have lived here !  These Old ancient ruins confirm it. some look like mini temples, it's beautiful. I will hide one of my treasures here in one of the temples[/i].! but far from roads i dont want some one find it !
Day5 : [b][b]WAS FOUND ( closed)[/b] [/b]After a night in this strange garden, I took the road north . I arrived after crossing a bridge in a forest of giant fir trees. ! Then further north, after another bridge, I found a strange military small hut, with weapons and shields on the ground.   I hide my treasure in it, it looks like there's never anyone around here.
Day6 :[b][i]WAS FOUND ( closed)[/b] I arrive today in a desert where an ancient queen was the most powerful woman in the known world. we see the ruins of their cities and wonders. a ceremonial road arrives to the gate.I find the statues that line the road nice, they are beautiful, but their ram heads are horrible .[/i]. what relation with this immense door I do not understand, then I hide my treasures here between two statues
Day 7:[b][b]WAS FOUND ( closed)[/b][/b]This morning, week 2, the wind carried me to a lost city, I don't really like the high altitude, so I went down by the southern road .. I walked in the sd until I saw a crossroads.   A strange people who wear masks live here, I will hide my property in one of their houses near this dead end road !
Day8:[b]WAS FOUND ( closed)[/b]Today I arrived in a very unusual oasis, it is minus 30 degrees and the water does not even freeze ... so I took the bridge over the lake, and walked to south. until i see a crossroad.  nice spot, this little.   These small houses in ruins are perfect to hide my treasure, the road that goes up will be my landmark !! ^^ perfect!
Day9[b]:[b]WAS FOUND ( closed)[/b][/b] Decidedly I find a lot of Oasis on my road, this one looks more like a lake.  The region's red sand makes it even more beautiful!     i walk until next crossroad , And I see a windmill high up in the mountains! lets take this road ! I walk a little in the direction of the mill even if it is inaccessible, and I see a rock with a lit forge. let's hid my treasure here !  Under this Rock !
Day:10:  I gone to th@ r@ of@    evn@   ( message was  deleted )   om@  thi@  is a MON  .R  its wo@m   n  or  fak@  ng  sn   e@   how  i will fin.d my road to bac.k.. i wi@ di@ here !

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