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Selfie Event Special 8 years Birthday ! ( closed ) GG !
Hello dear EXAY hunters. !
From today  , a  New Hunt  Event is open!  10 Targets to Find !
 This time, to consider that you have found the TARGET you will have to take a selfie with it.
Each target will have only one winner. All Maps from game are counted .


[b]Edit ( 6/04/2021/)  GG to all winners !
   event ended

The first who will send me his selfie on telegram / forum post will win.
You have for hint that 1 screenshot per target.
So be smart and quick!

The event will end when the last Monster is taken in Selfie.
Rewards = 500 gold bags per winner !
Let The Selfie Hunt Begin !!
Little reminder of the rules. It is strictly forbidden to PK a player during the self

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