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Hello ! from  now on,  Mask Hunting Event is started.

For Win final prize, players should make mask collection from mobs.
EVENT  time 15 days ( end at 15/03/2021)

EVENT rules = NO KS NO PK its GM event,    //   buying selling  etc event items ITS ALLOWED

1 - Players  have to find and collect 16 differents  monsters Masks.  Only 1 from this mobs is spawned by me, all others are in game areas Wink
2 - Put them in a PIG ability pet .
3- Pm me on telegram or in game to exchange for rewards pack . (  ONLY FROM 10/03  even if you completed all tasks )

REWARDS: Special pack with 5 items.    (50 x 400% speed+ 1 King Buff +100 Fire Cristals scroll+100 gold bags+1 month VIP+1 randomly choosen by me silk item [pets , adv elix , etc ] )

Montsters List:

1-Royal Warrior.
2-Mhont killer.
3-Diamond Yacha
4-Cruel Raider
7-Stone golem
8-Ghost specter
9-Ruin cutter
11-Tomb snake mistress
12-Ghost Seiren
13-Bloody tombstone
15-Ghost wreak

16- Togui Doll ( rare )     ( spawn area not announced, you have to find it yourself on regular maps Wink  some days i will announce some days no )
Good hunt to you all Smile

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