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Fire Crystal rewards
Hello ExaySRO,

Today up to 200 million Fire Crystals in total was awarded to All account that had at least 1 character in game.
Reward amount is based on your year of registration in ExaySRO server.

2013-2014 7k Fire`s
2015-2016 5k Fire`s
2017-2018 3k Fire`s
2019-2020 2k Fire`s

We will award Fire Crystals for all players who supported the server with donations since 2013
Also will prepare a script to check for top 100 voters of all time and will reward them with crystals too. (only if they was active in last month on server)

About Rewards for Donations from 2013 until today, they will not be added automatically, you will have to Email, Telegram or Discord me (Navmesh), check for contact details in Server Team page and we can see your total amount and also if you had done it on more accounts.
Basically there will be a CAP per Account on reward in Fire Crystals you can get.

1$/ = 100 Fire Crystals (so 100$/€ = 10k Crystals)

From 1 to 100 $/€ you get 100 Crystals for every unit.
From 100 to 200 $/€ you can get Max 10k Crystals for 1 Account (you can add to second account rest)
From 200 to 400 $/€ you can get Max 15k Crystals for 1 Account (you can add to second account rest)
From 400 to 500 $/€ you can get Max 20k Crystals for 1 Account (you can add to second account rest)
If you had 500+ $/€ you will be rewarded with a D15 Weapon.

* You can add rest crystals only to your own accounts, not gifts to other players)
* You can combine all donations from all your accounts and all payment methods used from 2013 until now.
* You will not be able to move these crystals after, so choose wisely.
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?

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