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I Miss The Way It Was
sorry guys i really decided to start up again and just wow the server has so much you guys have put into it befor i left and now i come back and it has so much more its great but where did the players go i remmber when there were atlease 15-20 people selling stuff and around 400-600 players online im sorry that its down so far i will be starting again so many new things im sorry i fell out of the loop gonna take a bit to get back into it lol great server sro time be changing tho sadly 

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Pm me lol
Hi, Thank you for voicing your concern
I do understand how different server may seem, considering most of the players if not all you used to play with are gone, also both rb and + cap being different, with that said dont take it as a negative thing, its new stuff new players know each other form new bonds have some new objectives.
also Our max online attendance was around the 220~~~

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