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7thSign Guild.
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Hi all,
I'm please to announce that 7thSign guild is recruiting new active members to join us. Wacko1 Wacko1 Wacko1 (PS: if people are a bit crazy we don't mind)
Many you may all ready know me on the Alias c00kie playing on WS top 1 - top 2 player on hole server.
This new serer ExaySRO was proposed by one of my friend how wanted me to come back on SRO.
I do want to recreate some thing's what we used to have as players.
I can't really see them attracted to do as so, so the game wont get boring once you reached cap. (Guild Wars),(Union/Guild Trades)(Job Runs)(FTW Activity).
If any of you would like to join us please /w the following guild members:
Slonato(C00kie), TOGG, Angelnheart, Scooby_Doo, WanHda , S3X_SM3LLS,wh0,Schnuffi. Flag_of_truce
We have and want to have a friendly averment always , people are all equal guild master or not. 
If your reasons for joining us are sensor we will have a great time together.
Please be advised to read all server rules so we don't attract negativity in are guild or on are image.

Only some small Guild rules easy to keep:
Don't Spy on another Guild FTW.(This will be completely restricted.)
Try to help your guild mates, as we do try to help you as well to achieve the best gameplay you possible can have.
Guild Chat: Restricted to ENGLISH as we are a mixed race guild.

Thank you,
Kind regards Slonato (c00kie) Girl_cool

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