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EM's Wanted, sell your souls to the team

It's that time again, we are searching for EMs to join our team.

What are the requisites you ask.

You must be a old player is important thing, if you lasted this long must have something good in you.
Having some experience managing servers is also good.
You must be patient and be able to speak and understand english.

if you gonna apply write a short text with the requisites above and write your telegram ID and if you dont have create an account

write your best and best of lucks

[Image: dc5901bf-72f2-40d3-8144-ab100e3c9cb0_text.gif]
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?
Hello! Telegram ID 'juan nicolas'
Been playing for a long time(3-4y to be exact) Telegram ID: hyakkimaru 05.

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