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Happy X-MAS and Event rates start 24/12/2018
Hello ExaySRO,

Happy Christmas everyone, stop playing and spend time with your family.
However for bots we will enable Exp/Gold/Drop 5x Event, so they can have fun too Wink

Other increased rates are :

Rates for Silks 4X (6x with crypto) Silks  Vote
Event 3 in 1 Pack with Wep/Set/Acc, 100 Reborns, Silks 2x (4x with crypto)   3 In 1 Pack

Since I have to do a long trip to another country, other updates and letters will be postponed for January. And ofc will be extended for longer period to compensate Christmas.

Have fun!!!
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do today?

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