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11 August - Flame Weapons and Scrolls & 2x Exp
Hello ExaySRO,
Server online, start Silkroad.exe to update your client
Exp / Gold / Drop are 2x after Maintenance.

Or you can Download Media.pk2 ONLY if you update your client from 1 to 11 August.
Otherwise you will need to download full client or auto-update with Launcher (Silkroad.exe). 

Flame Weapons (and scrolls to convert your D14/Egy to Flame) added.
You can find Flame Weapons +35 at "Weapon Flame/Egy and IM" in Shops Area.
This are just new Skins for Exay, not new degree so have same stats like rest D14, Egy A/B and will be available only for Silks.
Scrolls to change your D14,Egy A/B to flame at "Silk Item Scrolls" in Jangan or Shops Area.
"Event NPC" removed some items and moved Weapons to other tab, later to this NPC will be added some items/scrolls for Exay Coins/CTF/Arena 
Removed all Advanced Elixisrs Class B & C, only D Available now.
Removed all LC Coins price (converted to JC) and possibility to buy LC, soon this coins will be converted to JC (4 LC = 1 JC), so just keep them in inventory for now, or sell to NPC - MAX 8 LC coins at once! Or you will lose your gold.
Removed "5 Silks" price for all D14 Set parts, Accessories and Shield, now you need only JC and Arena coins to buy this items.

Fixed Togui and Shipwreck (second FGW), soon to be enabled for some new collections

Most likly after next Patch you will need to download full client in order to play ExaySRO, right now is last patch you can auto-update with Silkroad.exe
If this will happen I will announce and login with old client will not be possible anymore. NOT NOW!!! If you can't start client now, your just banned xD 

Have Fun! 
Admin email: Only this one is real.

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