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Some Fun Quests (might be updated later on)
The quest guides are blank but there are quests which give some cool rewards:

Roc Quest

1.Test of village chief

First quests is Test of village chief, starting NPC for this quest is Bukra, you can find him in Wind city in Roc mountains. You will have to collect Scout's voucher, Commander's voucher and find Slave's lithography. Scout voucher u can drop from special quests mobs (above head is sign). These mobs are above brain peak (see attached map on right side of page). Scout voucher u can get from mob looks like Feather cloak and Commander voucher u get from mobs looking like eagles. Than slave lithograpfy wil give u NPC called Slave Jabur near heart peak (again look map). Than go back to Bukra at Wind town.
2. Preparation of material 1
Again talk to NPC Bukra. He will give u new quest. U have to get 5 Red items and 7 Blue items. Red one drops from lvl78/80 wings and Blue one drops from 85/87 wings. Collect it and return back to Bukra.
3. Floated rumor
Last time talk with Bukra and he give u 3rd and last quest to obtain a key. This time you have to kill Rocky birds located on all peaks. It doesnt matter which rocky u kill first. But you have to be in share party. Run around all 7 peaks and than visit Bukra. He give u key to enter Roc.
4. Related NPC
Bukra: Wind Town X-3741, Y-188 
Slave Jabur: X-4722, Y 229

Captain Ivy quest

Shahad’s Mail: 

The Ivy Quest begins in Sarmakand with the Hunter Guild. Speak with Shahad He will give you a letter to deliver to Constantinople, you must ride a horse or walk to Constantinople and deliver the letter to General Ratchel, who stands south of the Stable, at the Military Camp. 

21,000 Exp
2,700 Skill Exp
6,000 gold

Ivy 1 

Recommended level: 25 

Speak with General Ratchel again to accept the next quest, she will tell you how to capture a Closier Informant. But before you go running off to find these, you must go do Adventurer Demetri to get the traps. He stands to the right of storage in Constantinople. 

Demetri’s Quest: 

You need 20 vine stalks. You get these from killing Evil Order Soldiers at Haran's Tower. You need approximately 45 small knives that are dropped only by the soldiers. To turn these into vines you need to run to The Pond Ruins because it only works disjointing here. You can disjoint these like you did with the charms at the Taoist quest (right-click on the items). If you do not get 20 vines, just go back and kill more soldiers for more small knives. After you collect 20 vine stalks, run back to Constantinople and speak with Demetri, he will give you your reward and 5 traps. 

60,000 Exp
8,000 Skill Exp
15,000 gold

Ivy 1
Recommended level: 30

Now with the traps you got from the Demetri’s quest, find the Closier informants that are in front of the Amphitheater. They will have the yellow/orange quest icon above their heads. Right click a trap so it's laid on the ground (red kind of net thing) you need to lure an Informant into the trap, easiest way is to PUNCH it (without weapon) then run over your trap so it follows you. When you have one Closier informant imprisoned, run to Constantinople within 30 minutes. Running, not riding on a horse or transport because: On the way Closier Guardians spawn. You must kill 15. They spawn approximately every 60 seconds. After the 15 are killed, run into the city and deliver the quest to General Ratchel. 

24,000 Exp
2,800 Skill Exp
5 Repair Hammers

Ivy 2
Recommended level: 35

- Must be in an Exp / Item share party with at least 2 members (leader and a friend)
- Party leader must have Ivy 2 quest.

Talk with General Ratchel to get Ivy 2. You get 5 horns when you accept. Now, you use these horns @ Harans Tower, Cleopatra’s Gate and Amphitheater. There you must activate a horn at certain places (usually at the entrances, just keep trying hehe). A Closier Leader will spawn if you activate the horn in the right area. Kill the monster, it will drop a sign for each party member in the proximity, however only the leader needs the item. When the leader has all the signs from monsters of the 3 places, then you kill Punishers at the Amphitheater until it drops Punisher's Blood. 

When you get the Punisher's Blood, right click it and all 3 stones will become a key. With this key you must go to Evil Fortress into the center of the 'Den'. When you stand here, all other party members must be away from you so their faces are 100% blue on the party bar (only if they are not fighting with you, otherwise you should stay near each other so that you both with teleport). You now right click the key and you will be teleported to a private area. Captain Ivy will spawn after a short time in your proximity. Within 20 minutes you must kill Ivy. After you kill her you get a hair. A blue teleport diamond thing will appear, teleport , go to Constantinople and deliver the quest to General Ratchel and receive your reward. 
40,000 Exp
4,000 Skill Exp
20 Memory of Red Hair (zerk scrolls)

Medusa Quest

1. Sochil's Favor

Please, help me save my friend!

A little while ago, my friend brought a few strangely-shaped calabash bottles from a burned-down cave.

We thought they were all empty but one of them contained some kind of liquid with blue glow.

My friend, after the trip to the cave, said he was thirsty and tried to drink the liquid. It seemed to me like no ordinary water, so I tried to stop him.

But he drank the liquid before I could stop him and he has been unconscious since.

Please help me. He’s like family to me.

Please save my friend!


Deliver Sochil’s Calabash Bottle to Yang Yizhi the Healer

NPC: X:6282, Y:1016

Barrom street

2. Cure the Poison

So, where on earth did Sochil manage to get such potent poison? I thought I would never see this poison again…

Unfortunately for Sochil, I do not have an antidote for this poison.

I have seen someone who was poisoned with this before. Even then, I could do nothing but watch because I could not cure it. But, for some reason, she is still alive today.


Speak with WalYoung

NPC: X:6493, Y:1100

Drug store

3. The Blood

Oh, no. Someone else has been poisoned with the same poison like me…

But… I have no antidote either.

I am only alive thanks to this blood that someone leaves for me every month.

I will give you a little bit of this blood. Please take it to Yang Yizhi the Healer and ask him what manner of creature this blood belongs to.

If we can but find the blood, we will be able to save the poor child.

Will you bring this to him now?


Deliver the Bottle with Blood to Yang Yizhi

NPC: Jangan (x-6612, y-1070)

4. Capture the Tomb Snake Master

I have examined the blood WalYoung gave – it was the blood of a thousand-year-old white viper. In the decades of my career as a healer, I never even dreamed of actually beholding the blood of a thousand-year-old white viper.

If what WalYoung said is true, then the blood can cure the child.

I hear vipers are appearing in the Chi’in Tomb. They say the Tomb Snake Master is the most powerful of them all. I think it might be a thousand-year-old viper.

If we can examine the blood of the Tomb Snake Master, we just might be able to save the child…

How about it? Will you capture the Tomb Snake Master?

We have no choice if we are to neutralize the poison now.


Capture the Tomb Snake Master

NPC: X:6493, Y:1100

Drug store

Enter B4 by South-West and you'll find masters as the first mob there. Trap one and get it to jangan. Careful not to get it killed on the way by the mobs. Noise, if you are bard, helps a lot.

5. Imperfect Cure

I have examined the Tomb Snake Master’s blood. Unfortunately it does not match with the blood WalYoung gave us. However, I did create a temporary antidote with the blood of the Tomb Snake Master. Will you bring this to Sochil?


Deliver the Temporary Antidote to Sochil

NPC: X:6493, Y:1100

Drug store

6. Where Is the White Viper 1

I was wander about the entertainer house one day to find something to eat. There, I overheard the entertainers talk about a white viper.

I was really hungry then, and all I heard was the word “white viper.” I don’t remember who talked about it. You might be able to find some information of a white viper from the entertainers. Will you help me?

I want to save my friend. Please help.


Collect information from Entertainer So-Ok

Collect information from Entertainer Juju

Collect information from Entertainer Ahjin

Collect information from Entertainer Mihyang

Collect information from Entertainer Juyeong

Collect information from Entertainer Yumi

NPC: X:6282, Y:1016

Barrom street

7. Where Is the White Viper 2

The entertainers said that Leebaek would know about the white viper, so we should be able to find out where the white viper is if we go talk to him.

Would you go speak with Leebaek, get the information on the white viper and then bring me its blood?

I don’t think my puny powers will be enough to acquire something like that, but I really want to save my friend’s life. Please help.


Speak with Leebaek

NPC: X:6282, Y:1016

Barrom street

Leebaek is the Guild manager

8. Tears of the Tomb Snake Soul

So, you need to know the whereabouts of the white viper because you need its blood to save Sochil’s friend?

Tsk, tsk. What a teary story. If your story is true, that is.

If you are trying to ask me for a favor using a poor beggar kid, you've found the wrong person.

That’s quite audacious of you to come and ask me for information that I’ve worked so hard to find out for myself. I can maybe share that information with you for a favor, but I won’t be releasing it for free.

So what do you say? Are you interested in doing a favor for me in exchange?


Collect 20 Tears of Tomb Snake Soul 

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

You can find Tomb Snake Soul as you enter B4 through North-East.

9. Deliver the Tears of the Tomb Snake Soul

I would tell you where the white viper lives as I promised, but could you do me one more favor?

Seeing how you kept your promise to me, I find you trustworthy enough to entrust you with this task, rather than someone else.

It’s not a very difficult favor. Please deliver the tear you got for me and this letter to a lady named WalYoung.


Deliver the Tears of the Tomb Snake Soul to WalYoung

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

WalYoung is a npc hidden in the entrance at the east of jangan, where the Mayor of Jangan is (those who did lvl 3 quest finding the child's shoe know the place Wink

Jangan (x-6612, y-1070)

10. In Search of the White Viper

As I promised, I will help you get to the white viper. But do remember this – the white viper is much more powerful than you could ever imagine…

Are you sure you want to meet her?


Teleport to Flame Sprite 

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

At this time a series of nice in-game movies will start. U'll get used to them as u'll progress through these quests. You don't have to fight, just sit back, relax and watch you discussion with Shinmoo - a mob you'll have first to cooperate with, then FIGHT. But not just yet...

11. To Hotan

ShinMoo is someone I used to know. I will help you get him to cooperate with you so that you can meet the white viper.

But there is one problem. In order to open the secret door, we need a gem called the Tear of Tomb Snake, but I used the last one when I opened the door for you last time.

In order to create the Tear of Tomb Snake, we need an Ashen Gem. You will be able to get some from the Mamoje the Jeweler in Hotan.

Will you grab some Ashen Gems from Hotan?


Deliver Leebaek’s Letter to Ma Mu Di

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

Move your lazy ass to Hotan. Get a horse or walk, I bet you forgot the way there :p

No kiddin' you didn't forget it? Then you should remember you can cut through ravine and then dead ravine instead of going donwhang and then where nubz wait for Uruchi... Anyway, talk to Mamoje, the jeweler and head right back... oh yea, WALK right back Smile

12. Tears of the Tomb Snake

Now with the Ashen Gems, I can make Tears of Tomb Snake.

To create Tears of Tomb Snake, you must kill Tomb Snake Lord and have the Ashen Gem absorb its life energy. They say you can find Tomb Snake Lord on the 4th level of the Qin-Shi Tomb. Will you go hunt down Tomb Snake Lord and make some Tears of Tomb Snake for me?


Collect 100 Tears of Tomb Snake 

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

13. To Flame Sprite 1

Now that we have prepared Tears of Tomb Snake to open the secret door, I will help you meet ShinMoo . When you see him, show him this letter from me. ShinMoo will then guide you to where the white viper is. Will you go see ShinMoo then?


Deliver Leebaek’s Letter to ShinMoo 

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

Let Leebaek teleport you to B3 entrance. There u meet Shinmoo again.

14. To Flame Sprite 2

There is no one here.

How could I have let my emotions be swayed by a false letter like this?


Go with ShinMoo to the exit that leads to the 4th level

 Just get to B4, doesn't matter which way you go. Shinmoo will follow you, from time to time 2 mobs will attack you. You can kill them, you can run from them or you can just let Shinmoo take care of them. Just watch out, sometimes Shinmoo only attacks after you start to. Do as you please, just don't let Shinmoo die (it may happen~~~). Once you're near the teleport to B4, the quest is over. There is a time limit, but you shouldn't have problems with that.

15 The Truth 1

You are safe! I’m so glad. I have done a terrible thing to you. I am truly sorry.

I would like to give you a gift as an apologetic gesture. Will you accept it?


Speak with Leebaek

NPC: Leebaek - the guild manager

X:6246, Y:1207

Military camp

Another nice movie involving you, Leebaek and WalYoung. Enjoy!

16 The Truth 2

Please, will you grant me a favor? I would like to meet ShinMoo . He was the closest friend of my one and only brother. But, one day, my brother was suddenly killed. In the hands of none other than ShinMoo , his closest friend. Since the death of my brother, ShinMoo disappeared. I have been trying many different ways to hear the truth from his lips, but I could not find him. Then I started hearing rumors... Rumors of ShinMoo ’s death… Since then, I have been putting him out of my mind. But I never thought that I would hear his name here again.

Now that we know where he is, I would like to know how he came to kill my older brother.


Go to Flame Sprite with WalYoung

NPC: WalYoung

Jangan (x-6612, y-1070)

You thought for a moment walking Shinmoo through B3 was boring? Hahahahahaaa... 

Spoiler (if you don't want to get REALLLY mad): don't go towards the large area Wink

17 The Blood of the White Viper

It relieves me greatly to know the truth. Now, all we have left to do is to get the white viper’s blood and save the child’s life. Will you go acquire the blood of the white viper?

Your compassionate heart warms my own as well. ShinMoo has told me about the secret passageway that leads to him. Go through the passageway and speak with ShinMoo .

ShinMoo told me that, because of an agreement between him and the white viper, he had to stop any intruders. But, if you could fight and defeat him, he would open the way to BeakYung, he said. Through that door, you should see a black viper named SoSo who is the white viper’s guardian. He said that defeating her would create a rift in the dimensions which would then lead you to BeakYung the White Viper.

Go through that rift, defeat BeakYung and obtain her blood.

Come speak with me again. In the meantime, I will prepare the way that leads to Flame Sprite .

1) Must be in a party with Share EXP/Auto Item Distribution on

2) Teleport available to players who are currently playing the White Viper’s Blood quest and those who have completed it

3) Only the party leader may speak to WalYoung for teleport

4) Even after the player’s death, defeating ShinMoo , SoSo the Black Viper, and BeakYung the White Viper completes quest objectives

5) Teleport unavailable when trade transportation is summoned


Collect the White Viper’s Blood 

NPC: WalYoung

Jangan (x-6612, y-1070)

Now you have an empty bottle. You have to fill it with blood from Medusa. But to get to it, you have to defeat Shinmoo (finally), SoSo and last - BeakYung. You have 20 minutes to defeat Shinmoo, 20 minutes to defeat SoSo and 30 minutes for Medusa. My suggestion: make a party with 1 cleric, 1 bard, 1 warlock, 1 warrior and the rest wizzards. Make sure at least 2 chars have cleric skills (i mean bless spell) other than the cleric, of course. By trial and error you can try other configurations. I'm curious about chinese... Well, kill Medusa and you're done!

18 Neutralize the Poison

Thanks to your effort, we can now save a precious life.

This blood should cure Sochil’s friend completely.

Will you bring this blood to Sochil’s friend now?


Deliver the White Viper’s Blood to Sochil

NPC: WalYoung
Jangan (x-6612, y-1070)

Cerberus Quest

Level: 19 Cerberus 1 

Repeat: 1 

Starting NPC: Sunset Witch 


Kill Small Ladon for 20 bloody crystals and back to her 

Rewards: 11,400 exp, 2,500 sxp 

Required Quest: LV 18 "Hunting Seirenes" 


Level: 19 Cerberus 2 

Repeat: 1 

Starting NPC: Sunset Witch 


Kill Selene's Lion for 40 Mane of Darkness and back to her 

Rewards: 60,000 exp, 13,400 sxp 

Required Quest: LV 19 "Cerberus 1" 


Level: 20 Cerberus 3 

Repeat: 1 

Starting NPC: Sunset Witch 


Call out Cerberus of Hell and defeat it 

Tips: After abandoning, you cannot try the quest again. 

It's a Timeout Quest. You can get 1 quest undertaking item 1 a day. Scroll of Reversed Return and Guild Member Recall are not allowed. 

1) Only available for a party with Distributing Experience Point / Automatic Item Distribution are enabled. 

2) A player who is undertaking Cerberus 3 quest can teleport to another place with another player who has already completed Cerberus 3 quest. 

3) Summons from Hell is allowed only to the leader of the party. 

4) Even if you are dead, defeating Cerberus will complete the quest. 

5) If trade or transportation method is summoned, you cannot teleport. 

Rewards: 28,300 exp, Clamor of Peace(Damage +20% Damage absorption +20% for 2 hours) 
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?
Thanks for giving us very detailed Quest's informations & guides!

Could you please make the letters lighter in your thread..? It's hard to read.
(06-17-2018, 13:24 PM)4rexsro Wrote:  Could you make the letters lighter ? It's hard to read.

done Smile
Life is 3 days, you're on your 2nd one already.

What are you gonna do tomorrow?

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