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[Request] Failed to connect to the Server (C8)
I can not enter the server ((((

Failed to connect to server.(C8)

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yo bro you downloaded full client or just media? If you downloaded just media that may be the problem try download full client the problem should be fixed
You may be clicking on the wrong application in the folder. Make sure you open the application named "Silkroad". I had the same problem when I tried to open the application named "sro_client". Try that out and see if it works Smile

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Hi all, These error are common error you can avoid this by doing simple things such as Do Not use sro_client.exe to launch the game you use the silkroad.exe to launch the game by using the sro_client.exe is the ONLY way you can get the (C8) error and simply means that your client can not connect to the right IP.Thanks!!
What sarangkaith say, read it.
Also about other C2,C5,C7,C8,C9,C10 errors you can read here.
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.

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