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FGW Speed Runs - [GM]Vertigo - 03-19-2021

This will be from 19/03/2021 until 19/04/2021 

You can do any of the 2 available FGW in server, you're to upload it to youtube and send the link here or in telegram, discord.

[Image: Screenshot-2.jpg]

You will need to get this notice in video for it to be acceptable.

Make your best timers

Rewards will be 10k Fire Crystal for 1st place of each fgw

RE: FGW Speed Runs - [GM]Vertigo - 04-19-2021

God™ - ShipWreck 7:34m

Stafka - Flame Mountain 19:04m

DayNine - ShipWreck 6:14m

First Place for ShipWreck
Reward 10k Fire Crystal

First Place for Flame Mountain
Reward 10k Fire Crystal