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Highest Damage ScreenShot event
We gonna start Highest Damage ScreenShot event.

Event Start : 15.07.2017
Event Ends : 21.07.2017

Event Conditions/Rules :
You should make screenshot of your highest damage on any unique monster in Forgotten World (Dimension Hole) ONLY and post it here.
The screenshot must be from nowadays, not from period before this event has been started
It should be solo damage (not in party). U can use whatever u want : any scrolls/zerk/devil, etc...
Every Player can post only 1 screenshot here. Not any kinds of multichars are allowed. 1 Player - 1 screenshot.
We will not delete your previous screenshot or change already posted, dont even ask for it.

Will be only 3 winners.
Rewards are :
  • 1st place : 50 immos
  • 2nd place : 30 immos
  • 3rd place : 15 immos
Good Luck for All.

[Image: audplo870ed.png]

Admin Email -

[Image: fw2271]2bad4u27 5M+ damage
My noob char with dagger +24 :S

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ALMOST ! Smile)

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almostBlum2 but not enoughBlum2
hehehehehe yeah wasn't with acc and also didn't use sockets Biggrin but its enough for me ... next time ^^

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