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2017, 3 March - Increasing Silks per charging.
Hello ExaySRO,

Today I have increased silks you can get with our charging system - Charge Silks at ExaySRO
All this price are at 1x, that is right now (no silks event)
Prices may vary from option and country.

As example:

PayPal OLD
[Image: Pay_Pal_Old.png]
PayPal NEW
[Image: Pay_Pal.png]

PaymentWall Euro
[Image: Payment_Wall_EUR.png]
PaymentWall USD
[Image: Payment_Wall_USD.png]

[Image: Super_Rewards.png]
Admin email: Only this one is real and working.
-- x3 Bitcoins silks, check HERE! for more info.
-- Item change system for Weapons, Shields, Set, Accessories check HERE!
-- Rollback plus for Weapons and Shields check HERE!

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