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Events Last week. This is last week for Silks / Vote / Exp / Gold and Letters drop events. All above will end on Monday, 19 November. 25 Starter Pack will not be available anymore after this event ends *(maybe in next events) You will be able to change letters for rewards after 19 November until 1 December, after that date all Letters will be DELETED from game.
12 Nov 11:42
So-Ok has been enabled for rewards until Monday morning. Evasion scroll drop has been decreased, Moving scrolls slightly increased, Immortal stone drop removed, +20 scrolls removed, Gender switch tool removed, added Intelligence & Strength Scrolls Letters drop will be enabled tomorrow again and will be available until 17 November when ALL events will end. You will be able to change letters for rewards after 17 November for 2 weeks (until 1 December), after that date all Letters will be deleted from game.
11 Nov 09:45
Search and Seek Event is now closed and coming to a resolution winners (top3) will be announced in 1-2 days
08 Nov 10:50
Letters drop enabled, rewards at So-Ok disabled until next Sunday.
05 Nov 11:41
So-Ok enabled for this Sunday, check website news or forum post - https://forum.exaysro.com/showthread.php?tid=3790
04 Nov 11:52
Server will shutdown for 30 min maintenance. So-Ok rewards will be enabled (drop disabled) until tomorrow morning.
04 Nov 10:13
04 Nov 04:19
ok my bad one monster stuck on wall Blum2
01 Nov 17:11
in quest for flag
01 Nov 17:06
second time even no4 don't spawn :/
01 Nov 17:04
Nev i have problem in flag quest
01 Nov 17:04
they pic only X and Y letter idk why :/
01 Nov 15:05
Hello Smile i have problem me pet and char don't pick leeter on MBot i have pick but don't pic Biggrin
01 Nov 15:03
01 Nov 14:48
Server online, you can login, for letters event info check website news.
01 Nov 14:47
Server offline for maintenance, 1 hour
01 Nov 14:27
I will try to enable it today, but only drop, NPC later
01 Nov 07:53
Exay Lottery don't drop ? Sad
31 Oct 23:18
@elhealer keep asking in here i will answer them as soon as possible
30 Oct 15:26
Some basic FAQ you can read here - https://www.exaysro.com/FAQ - rest you have to discover by yourself. No general guide available
28 Oct 21:52
hello there, i'm new in this server. is there a UPDATED guide to start? there are like 2-3 in guide section but they are really outdated. thanks in advance
28 Oct 21:01
So check your task manager if client was really closed and is not still online.
28 Oct 11:13
ou are logged in with char: !@$!%!@#!@ please exit the game!!!
28 Oct 02:12
i need meak rb and i have community my char is in the game
28 Oct 02:11
adm i have problem
28 Oct 02:11
serv OFF ?
28 Oct 02:01
Server online, 3x Exp / Gold, Silks / Vote 2x enabled.
25 Oct 17:06
what bug exactly? care to explain?
24 Oct 17:45
hp mp bug help
24 Oct 08:10
@mert01 depends on what kind of support you request, and you should ask for that support in english so there can be a better understanding of your needs
23 Oct 01:13
Ne zaman bakıma alınacak sunucu 3x destek istiyoruz
22 Oct 13:14
Maintenance done. Server online, you can login.
21 Oct 09:49
Hey Wink
19 Oct 12:06
11 Oct 12:59
Login donw error c:7
11 Oct 07:50
Server online, you can login.
07 Oct 21:00
mustake mustakemustake mustakemustake mustake
06 Oct 09:57
Server online, you can login
28 Sep 12:13
Server maintenance for 1 hour
28 Sep 11:29
* - Example: In case we get multiple scammer reports, rules violation, and thier IPs are from same city/area, we might consider banning the entire area in order to prevent future attempts. Even country bans could be applied, if country ban is set, we do not allow any player from that location! \\
14 Sep 18:54
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